The World of Platinum Print Visions by Elizabeth Allen

The Artist

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The Artist
Elizabeth is a life long  artist who has used many mediums. The photgraphic process is only one of her means of expression. She has been using the camera as a point of departure to express natural beauty, juxtapositions,  human conflicts and emotions.
These are all 11" X 14" signed and numbered editions of Platinum/ Palladium prints on various fine art papers in editions no larger than 10.
Each is double matted in rag matt board.
On Platinum Printing
Platinum printing is an alternative photographic process. The negative is the same size as the final print. A light sensitive solution of platinum & palladium and ferric oxalate,the light sensitive ingredient, is hand applied to a fine paper. The negative is then placed on the paper and exposed.  It is one of the early processes in photography. The result is an archival exceedingly stable  image with a longevity of many hundreds of years. The result of a good platinum print is a very lush almost velvety image that is both very powerful as well as extreemly subtle. 
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